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Mike Brady

Mike was born in Los Angeles, raised in Southern California and has lived most of his life in the Southwest.


An alumnus of Loyola University of Los Angeles, Mike’s radio  career has seen him  setting up shop in Phoenix, Tucson, Houston, Bakersfield, Los Angeles and San Diego prior to settling in the Central Valley.


He spent a few years on the road for SONY Music/EPIC Nashville as a regional record promotions guy.


Mike’s happily married to Marina.  The two share their Fresno home with their dogs Bodie and Bonnie .


Mike’s musical tastes are fairly eclectic, running the gamut from hard-core honky tonk country to classical.  The variety of the music on the new Jewel FM satisfies his hunger for variety as he’s especially fond of singer-songwriters.


Brady is an avid history buff with a huge interest in the Second World War.  You’re likely to find him at any airshow featuring  WWII combat aircraft.

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