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Meet Chris Cooper

Chris joined Jewel fm in May of 2014, starting as the Sunday morning host, and behind the scenes, helping populate the playlist you hear on air!


Chris is originally from the East Coast, born and raised in Pennsylvania, with a few stints abroad with family in Greece.


His greatest musical memory was surprising his father on Christmas with tickets to see The Who at the Save Mart Center. "I actually bought a sunglasses case, and put the tickets in that. Then wrapped that box inside a slightly bigger box... and so on and so forth until there was a box almost the size of the Christmas tree. His reaction was amazing and the show is something we'll always have."


Chris' interests: music ("My Pandora has everything from rap to EDM to rock to our Jewel fm favorites."), sports, golfing, movies, cooking ribeye steaks, Tom Clancy/Robert Ludlum novels, a fan of the WWE and he can quote more Sterling Archer than any normal human being should be able to.

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